Monday, 15 April 2013

Exhibition Research

Have you ever been to an independent cinema? If yes - how was it different? If no - why not? 

No I have not been to a independent cinema. To be honest I was unaware that independent cinemas even existed! I am not aware of independent films because they are not advertised enough and therefore I am not aware that there are independent cinemas where independent films are shown. 

What is more appealing about viewing at the cinema than viewing on DVD/online/TV?

Viewing in the cinema rather than viewing on DVD/online/TV is more appealing because a cinema is a social public area. Also the atmosphere is fun and lively which makes it more enjoyable for those who come to watch. Watching films on DVD can be enjoyable however it does not give you the tension or excitement- which is the same with TV. People enjoy sitting in a cinema which you can have the advantage of big screens and surround sound. 

Why has there been a recent trend in Hollywood 're-making' a lot of films?

There has been a recent trend in Hollywood 're-making' a lot of films - this is because people in Hollywood are finding it harder to be original and to come up with different ideas. Also they feel if they re-make a film they feel it will gain more interest because they can improve it and make it more interesting. Also re-making films allows them to attempt to make money from it. 

Can you see any patterns or trends in films of the last 5 years?

There are trends or patterns in films- these patterns are very obvious. Such as post apocalyptic films. 

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