Thursday, 18 April 2013

What I have learnt. Independent vs Mainstream

What I have learnt

In today's lesson I have learnt that Independent Vs Mainstream have a wide range of differences and only view similarities. Such as for independent 'films' - they are referred to as 'films' because they are seen as a work of art. This meaning that the director wants to reflect - it is much more personal that to what a mainstream movie is. Also a Mainstream 'movie' is referred to as a 'movie' because a movie is seen as escapism entertainment and is not seen as something serious.

Similarities between mainstream 'movies' such as Skyfall - and independent 'films' such as One Mile Away is that they both have local appeal. This meaning that because Skyfall is mainly based in London and the main actor is British himself - this has local appeal to the audiences within London and the UK. Also the same for One Mile Away - which is based in Birmingham. This has local appeal because the 'film' centres around gang violence within Birmingham which can have appeal to those in Birmingham. Another similarity is Viral Marketing. This is because for Skyfall there was a immense promotion globally - on the internet, television, billboards etc. Also for One Mile Away - social sites such as Twitter and Facebook.

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